Webinar Setup & Management

Webinar Setup and Management

Webinars have grown in popularity and are now widely used in almost every industry, including the corporate sector, e-learning, healthcare, travel and tourism, and nearly every business segment. They’ve changed the way presenters and audiences communicate and interact. During our years of offering webinar management services, the most common difficulty we hear from clients is getting people to register for your webinars and getting them to show up.

This problem has been solved using a formula involving marketing emails and list management. Launching a successful webinar takes time and resources, which you probably don’t have. We take care of everything for you before, during, and after your webinar using Sabhi Digital.

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    About Service

    A Webinar is an online presentation, seminar, lecture, or workshop broadcast in real-time over the Internet through video-conferencing software. Webinars can be used for various purposes, including product launches, corporate training, onboarding new customers, internal team meetings, educational purposes, and many others. They are the most effective at driving engagement and, as a result, can be extremely useful for generating high-quality leads for both B2B and B2C businesses.
    Though the benefits of hosting webinars are numerous, here are a few:

    • Webinars aid in the acquisition of new contacts for your database.
    • They assist you in establishing your brand as a dependable and trustworthy source of information.
    • They aid in developing and maintaining relationships with your target audience, resulting in the generation of high-quality leads.
    • They’re a terrific cost-effective marketing strategy since they let you communicate with individuals all over the world in a virtual setting, saving you money on travel and accommodations.
    • You may enhance your brand by recording your Webinars and sharing their unique material with your audience afterwards.
    • They assist you in increasing brand recognition and thereby propelling your company to new heights.

    What We Offer

    Defend Your Brand
    Our team of educated specialists is dedicated to ensuring that your brand is protected and represented in the most professional manner possible. You can be confident that your brand, message, and audience will be presented with care and professionalism when our staff works as an extension of you.
    Count On Our Expertise
    We know a thing or two about delivering a successful webinar after years of managing webinars for over 1000 clients. Our team of professional Event Producers follows a detailed 54-point quality assurance checklist from pre-event planning to post-event management to ensure that every webinar is our most successful event.
    Maintain Consistency
    Vacations, turnovers, illnesses, and other potential personnel impacts are all covered by our team of Event Producers. Since we take care of everything, you don't have to worry about backup plans or redundancy with Sabhi Digital Managed Webinar Services.

    Our completely managed Webinar Services enable you to interact and educate your online audience in a simple and low-maintenance manner. Our technology allows us to create relationships with members over a year. We offer options to match your needs, whether you have expertise presenting Webinars to your community or are new to the notion.

    Move One Step Closer Towards Creating A Brand Out Of Your Business.


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    Why Choose Us

    Sabhi Digital understands your requirements and provides the finest webinar services available. Based on each webinar’s unique needs, we provide technical support for a complete setup, compatible devices, and other conditions. We ensure that your viewers can access information in a secure, flawless, and trouble-free manner.

    Sabhi Digital Highlights support for numerous presenters.
    Email invites and reminders, as well as calendar scheduling.
    Polls and Q&A sessions are created.
    Sharing videos and handouts.
    Participants can share their screens with each other.
    On-demand Watching and recording of events.
    Reporting and analytics after the incident.
    Assistance with the event.
    Audio and video are encrypted.
    The event will be streamed live on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

    We live in the planning and follow-up stages, distinguishing Sabhi Digital from other webinar management systems. We’ve been working with you for weeks in preparation for the event. The “Execute” step is where most webinar service providers are. We continue to collaborate with you after the event to ensure effective follow-up with those who attended and those who did not.